Tobias Bergerwall, aka Toby, started experimenting with music at an early age. When he was nine years old, he stumbled upon Louis Armstrong and his music. This ignited Toby’s passion for music to the extent he decided to audition for a music school. By the time he was in middle school he played several instruments and sang in the choir.

A few years later, after dropping out of high school, Toby started taking music more seriously and got heavily into producing. The same year, he got his first placements, giving him a clear sign he had chosen the right path for his future career.

Tobias draws his inspiration from Pop to Punk and everything in between. He has in only a few years already worked with many of Scandinavia’s top artists, such as Benjamin Ingrosso, Julie Bergan,Felix Sandman, Molly Hammar and Svea. He has also had placement with Zak Abel (Kygo) and worked with Willhelm Börjesson (Martin Garrix), Maria Hazell.
Easy to say ya’ll should watch this space!