@kruxet_ Ny låt från veckan som gått. Borde vi släppa den här snart? Vad tycker ni? #nymusik #västkusten #varberg #göteborg #kruxet ♬ originalljud – Kruxet


Kruxet is essentially two things; writing songs and performing them. A count in and it’s on…
The small hometown of Varberg has a big influence on the sound and the lyrics. The ocean and beaches are essential. Seeing a town blossom for few summer months per year and then wither when the season is over. Lyrics are about the memories you just want to forget… or not forget. Thoughts about life, experiences of young love, hopeful and sad at the same time. Unpolished. West Coast vibes, rock n´ roll, in Swedish. Honest, raw, trying to find the nerve in a time where there is too much focus on perfection.

Kruxet are the siblings David and Liza Arvidsson and their friend Micael Karlsson on drums. They have opened for Swedish titans like Thomas Stenström, Timo Räisänen, Uno Svenningsson, played at Veronica Maggios bookrelease + more.
They write all their own material aswell as most of their productions, but sometimes together with Johan Örnborg (Opeth, Arch Enemy) and Anders Lagerfors (Pale Honey).

The future belongs to Kruxet.

TikTok: @kruxet_