Husky & Pug

Husky & Pug is a dynamic songwriting and producing duo that delivers a fresh and exciting take on pop music. Comprised of Victoria Alkin, aka Husky, and Louice Leveau, aka Pug, this team is known for crafting innovative lyrics, captivating melodies, and cutting-edge productions that leave audiences wanting more. With Husky’s expertise in vocal production and songwriting, rooted in choir music, and Pug’s unique combination of toplining and producing, with a background in rock and electronic live music, this duo offers a winning combination of talent and creativity.

Husky & Pug’s impressive resume includes collaborations with top-tier artists such as NEIKED, Armin van Buuren, and Rebecca & Fiona, among others. They’ve also been mentored by legendary producer and songwriter Fernando Garibay, known for his work with Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and SIA, and educated at Musikmakarna, the world-renowned Swedish music school.

Currently, Husky & Pug have had releases with Icona Pop and US Warner starlet Madeline the Person, among other exciting projects. Their unique sound and undeniable talent make them a must-have for any project seeking top-quality songwriting and production. With a reputation for delivering massive pop songs and good vibes in the studio, Husky & Pug are an exceptional package deal that is sure to take your project to the next level.