John Alto

With American, Italian and Danish roots, 21 year old John Alto was brought up in Copenhagen, he then lived to London with his family for seven years but just moved back to Copenhagen. John is a DJ, an artist, a skilled producer and remixer with a passion for club music. His signature sound is dark, bass heavy and cinematic. He’s worked with artists, writers and producers like Maurice West, Silque, Ganz, Nadine (from M.O), Nicklas Lif, Ofelia + more in London, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Pre-Covid John also did DJ gigs Copenhagen and London and now with the lifted restrictions he will go back on the road…

John Alto´s first release was on Martin Garrix´s label STMPD RCRDS in a collaboration with the duo TwoWorldsApart. He was also commisioned from Sony Music to do a remix on Coy´s ”Promises” and the Norwegian superduo Seeb released a remix he did for them… In addition to this John just signed a ww deal with Warner Music Denmark.

John Alto is here to stay.