Rebecca & Fiona

Striking producer, DJ and pop duo Rebecca & Fiona has been a prominent part of the Swedish and international music scene since 2007. Equally known for their work, strong opinions, prominent style and friendship they have through their career worked to elevate women’s position in the music industry.

Since their breakthrough Rebecca & Fiona have released two Swedish Grammy awarded albums and toured most parts of the globe together – both as headline and with leading artists like Robyn, Avicii, Tiësto, Kaskade and Axwell. Following their success in the USA they have also had a residency in Las Vegas and played at major festivals such as Beyond Wonderland, Tomorrowland and Electric Daisy Carnival. Musically they have collaborated with a wide range of producers and writers, including Kaskade, Adrian Lux, Nause, Kornél Kovács, Kleerup, Little Jinder, Marcy Chin, Derek Pope, Skander, Dolores Haze, Duvchi, The Loops of Fury, Panda Da Panda and Spank Rock.

In 2011 their debut album “I Love You, Man!” was released, followed by single ”Bullets” and second album “Beauty Is Pain” in 2014. Both albums were awarded Swedish Grammies for ”Best Electro/Dance”. The duo has also won “Dance of the Year” for their collaboration on Kornél Kovács album “Stockholm Marathon” and landed Swedish Grammy nominations for the 2018 album “Art of Being a Girl”.

Following their initial success within the EDM genre, Rebecca & Fiona ventured into a more classic pop sound with singles like “Holler”, “Sayonara” and “Shotgun”. They celebrated breaking free from their long-term major record company by releasing their third album “Art of Being a Girl” in 2018, featuring bombastic pop singles “Need You”, “Fools Gold”, “Different” and “Stupid”. The album landed them a nomination for “Group of the Year” in the Swedish P3 Guld Awards. The process also led to the creation of their very own record label Big Romantic Music, where they function as bosses of their own music while also producing established and up-and-coming talent.

After a few years of exploring the pop scene, Rebecca & Fiona have safely found their way back to electronic music. In 2019 they partnered up with left-field house topliner and studio neighbour Kornél Kovács for the celebrated album “Stockholm Marathon”, featuring Rebecca & Fiona on vocals throughout the tracklist. Rebecca Scheja described the mutual project as “a drunk romance”, and in 2020 the album won “Dance of the Year” at P3 Guld 2020 as well as earned a Swedish Grammy nomination for “Electro/Dance of the Year”. 2019 continued to be a busy year with the release of the single “One More Night” as well as collaborations with Viva La Panda, Kimchii, MOTi and Kleerup. A very eventful decade was nicely tied together with the release of “Can’t Erase”, a new Nause collaboration circling back to their mutual breakthrough success remix of “Bullets”.

2020 marks yet another rebirth for Rebecca & Fiona. The moody “Heart Skips A Beat” combines drum and bass, sensitive vocals and a blood curdling instrumental drop that just might get you teared-up before leaving the dance floor. The February release will be followed by a year-long series of singles and collaborations.

Stockholm born Rebecca Scheja and Fiona FitzPatrick met at a friend’s house party and started to make music together in 2007. After a couple of years touring Sweden as DJs, they had their public breakthrough in 2010 with the release of their first single Luminary Ones. In the same year the Swedish Public Service TV network SVT presented the docu-drama Rebecca & Fiona. The awarded show was the network’s first to be produced exclusively for the web and proved to be a massive hit. In 2018 they were also hosts of a widely appreciated episode of Swedish radio’s evergreen Summer in P1 Radio series.

“We’ve been making music since we were kids, it’s what we do. We’ve always been very aware of what we do and wanted to go our own way, but the major labels and the music industry have their way of making that very hard, especially if you’re young, or a woman, or both.

Well, we finally have our own label, and the start of this decade syncs with the fact that we finally get to release the music we always wanted to release, on our own terms. But Big Romantic Music is more than just our label. It’s our own universe, the world we’ve always created our music in, and for.”