Mr Radar Catalouge


After her landslide win in the international song competition Eurovision in 2012, her album “Heal” topped the album chart in 16 countries. Mr Radar is the proud co-publisher to the album.


Mr Radar publishes the eclectic female DJ duo’s all three albums (“I Love You, Man”, “Beauty Is Pain” and “Art of Being A Girl”), and also other collaborations with Kaskade, Kornél Kovács, Kleerup, Little Jinder, Style of Eye, etc.


After placing SEEB on the map with their remix, “I Took A Pill In Ibiza”, SEEB signed to Universal and released a string of singles all published by Mr Radar. Key songs are “Breathe”, One Republic’s “Kids (SEEB remix)”, “Rich Love ft One Republic” and several songs on the EP “Nice To Meet You”.


Every DJ’s favourite DJ, Salvatore Ganacci launched his career with Mr Radar. Stand out tracks Jook It and Dive as well as the Sebastian Ingrosso collab Ride It. 


Under their previous moniker, SeventyEight, they co-wrote Danish artist Mads Langer break through album “In These Waters” and US based artist Kerli’s album “Utopia”. They also co-wrote Loreen’s single “Crying Out Your Name”.


Carpark North is one of the biggest rockbands in Denmark the last 15 years and they´ve also gained success in Germany after touring there with Thirty Seconds To Mars. Mr Radar publish songs from their two albums Phoenix and Hope including key songs like ”32 (feat Sandra Nasic from Guano Apes)”, ”Renegade”, ”Burn It”, ”You´re My Fire (feat Nik & Jay), ”Raise Your Head” and ”When We Were Kids”.


A house hold name in Sweden with several platinum singles where “Dynamite” broke though with over 120 million streams on Spotify. Earlier songs “Made Of” has been used by Volvo in several commercials, in an acoustic cover by Lune.


Chris Olsson aka OLSSON is a Swedish artist and music maker.  Although a frontman in the Swedish Grammy awarded pop outfit Fibes, Oh Fibes!, he launched his solo career and on the debut album had collaborations with Dot Allison (Massive Attack), Christoffer Berg (Depeche Mode) and Pontus Winnberg amongst others. ”Hold On” was featured in the TV drama ”Suits”. Chris has also as a co-writer and producer worked with Charlie XCX and his song with Mapei ”Million Ways to Live”, was a long running TV ad for Royal Caribbean Cruises.


Go Go Berlin have gradually become a household name in Denmark with a well-earned reputation as one of the most hardworking and fiercely intense live acts on the domestic music scene. In the abroad people are also starting to recognize the vast potential of this young, Danish five-piece, where the most recent single “Kids” has been getting lots of affection from radio stations in more than 15 countries such as US, Peru, Switzerland, Poland, Mexico, Germany, UK and Australia..