Miriam Bryant

Miriam Bryant is one of the biggest artists on the Swedish music scene after accumulating 200 million streams, five Platinum or multi-Platinum tracks, and a million monthly listeners at Spotify. Now she’s returning her attention towards repeating that success on an international scale.

The next step towards achieving that goal comes with her new single ‘Black Car’. It was initially released in the rising pop star’s homeland of Sweden where it became one of the biggest smash hits of recent years. The single peaked at #2 during a nine-week run in the Top 10 as it reached 5 x Platinum status, and eventually won Song of the Year at the nation’s prestigious P3 Guld award ceremony.

One listen to the track demonstrates exactly why ‘Black Car’ both connected with such a huge audience and will continue to be discovered in the near future. Combining power, poise and nuanced emotion, Miriam’s vocal is a world class talent. Meanwhile her lyrics explore the promise and subsequent breakdown of a new relationship with a fiery, independently minded spirit.

Born in Gothenburg to an English father and a Finnish mother, Miriam’s interests cross right across the musical spectrum.

Finders Keepers’ became Miriam’s first homeland hit, but bigger things were waiting on the horizon when she featured on Zedd’s track ‘Find You’ which found a huge international audience when it appeared on the soundtrack to sci-fi smash ‘Divergent’.

That stance worked wonders with the ‘Hisingen och Hem Igen ’ EP (a collection of songs recorded for the smash hit Swedish TV music show ‘Så Mycket Bättre’) which saw all six tracks simultaneously chart at Spotify.

Currently only available in the Nordics, her latest EP ‘Bye Bye Blue’ saw Miriam return to the charts in style with the track ‘Black Car’ already 5 x Platinum. Everything’s in place for Miriam Bryant to rocket to the top of the global charts too.