Alex Mood

Alex Mood is a Swedish/English topliner, pianist and vocal producer.

Challenging himself towards the American Pop – RnB and Ballad-market Alex Mood’s melodies and vocal production tells us he is not far away. After studies at past Cheiron hitmaker Anders Bagge’s Dreamhill Music Academy and present studies at world-renowned songwriting-school Musikmakarna Alex has developed his songwriting, music business skills and connections and is now spending most of his time in the studio.

Alex has written with and has cuts on Pop and Rnb artist FO&O, Justin Guarini from American Idol and F.N.Y. He has also sung with world famous vocal coach Brett Manning in Nashville and says that he now loves to lay effort on producing demos with the top vocal-production quality the best artists deserve.

We quote as he said: ”Leona Lewis ballads are coming back”, as he showed us a song written for Siva, from the band ”The Wanted”’s, Solo Album. ”I just know somethings about to happen”.

Alex – ”I’m stoked about this partnership with Mr.Radar music group, they truly believe in me and it goes, without saying, both ways. They understand songwriting and all its components and I’m so exited to start working together”