Swedish producer and artist Addictionproblem has always been drawn to and fascinated by the uneasy and dark, which reflects in his music that thrives in the borderline area between techno, electronica and deep house with a Nordic Noir feeling; dark soundscape, gloomy, uneasy and black with hints of optimism and hope.

With an urge to always discover new music the Swedish native producer started his self-taught music career buying records since the age of five. Despite listening to all types of music, electronica has been a constant favorite genre. He started to utilize his passion and love for the genre when he bought his first studio equipment, now he could finally record all the unknown melodies he was hearing in his head.

It took quite a long time to find his own way of creating music and making it sound the way he wanted. Exactly ten years after setting up the studio, his debut album (to be released beginning of 2019) was suddenly created in quite a short time.