While Sweden’s pedigree for modern dance talents comes pretty well documented, few have risen its ranks to the same tune of versatility as national treasures Nause. Known for their melodic hold on the modern house sound, a united passion and vision for the genre has seen the Stockholm-based breakouts ascend the industry spectrum like few of their generation. Garnering inauguration to Universal Music and a whirlwind reputation on the global club circuit alike along the way, 2014 is already proving an A-game year for their masterful balance of commercial viability and meaningful dance music.

Leaping from a mutual bond on their homeland’s underground club circuit into a series of online collaborative efforts, childhood friends Jacob Criborn and Leonard Scheja would find themselves bonded by a passion and hunger to make new waves in the familiar tides of Swedish Dance culture. Each donning their own unique talents to the table in the early days of their live and studio collaborations, what started as a part-time flare of enthusiasm in the studio would soon become the life and breath of their day-to-day lives.

In a short but sharp sweep, the budding duo has already proven their worth on many levels. Debuting for Universal Music with ‘Made Of’ – their first essential stab a the Swedish charts and airwaves alike – double-barrelled label follow- up ‘Mellow’ and its chart-topping vocal remodel ‘Hungry Hearts’ established a consistent charge at the middle-ground between pop music and modern dance music. In a flash of melodic aptitude, ‘Move,’ ‘Tomorrow’s Just Begun’ and ‘Head Over Heels’ subsequently showed Nause sticking to their guns amid the scene’s rapid expansion. Say what you will about the lifeblood of dance music in the 21st century, but this is one act with no intention of being just another face among the masses.

Their own portfolio of original material has been accompanied by a more-than accomplished run of remixes for the cream of the global dance elite. Donning their hands to the likes of Afrojack, Kaskade and national peers Rebecca & Fiona, their execution of high quality remixes aimed at the masses has made ‘best-kept-secret-stature’ a thing of the past.

With early live landmarks including Carlsberg’s ‘Where’s The Party’ concept and their native Summerburst festival epitomizing the growth of their live presence, 2014 was the year that Nause formally took a stand as an essential Swedish dance export. Having circled already circled the globe and spent two months on the trail of their biggest North American tour to date, the duo has balanced a firm grasp on two essential markets. Whilst their sights remain set on Scandinavia and the abundance of summer festivals and revered nightspots for the remainder of the year, their inflated presence across the continents is sure to keep this highly evolved house outfit in constant global rotation for the months ahead.

That isn’t to say that the fast lane will be spent primarily on a jet plane for the highly evolved duo. With new releases set to break post-summer and a firm emphasis on vocal material, their melodic and versatile approach to their craft continues to serve quality and excitement at every turn. Far from resting on their laurels quite yet, the future looks sure to prove that Nause are made of something integral for European Dance music and the wider industry alike.