MFG Studios

MFG Studios is a creative music complex in Stockholm with 300 sqm of studios and rehearsal spaces combined in a creative environment designed and built by the founder and owner Mikael Klavius. 

Mikael Klavius comes from a background as Musician, Sound Designer and Art Director. He is one of the founders of the creative agency Böfüms Stockholm based design studio consisting of collaborating designers and art directors. 

Klavius functions as Creative Director at MFG Studios, he finds new talents and works with artists, producers and writers. In 2014 MFG got nominated for the Music video they made for their artist Yushichi at the Berlin Music Video Festival and the MFG artist Finess got nominated for Best EP of the year at the Swedish hiphop gala Kingesize. The Swedish Eurovision contest winner 2014 Sanna Nielsen – Undo was recorded at MFG Studios. MFG also mixed parts of the Swedish Grammy winner Lorentz debut album Kärlekslåtar.

  • Since the opening of MFG Studios in late 2012,
  • they have had costumers such as:
  • Ed Sheeran, David Guetta, The Wanted, 
  • William Orbit, Loreen, Kleerup, Veronica Maggio, 
  • Petra Marklund, Edda Magnason, William Larsen, 
  • Tove Styrke, Titiyo, Thomas Troelsen, Sabina Ddumba, 
  • Måns Zelmerlöw, Lorentz, Ola Salo, Sanna Nielsen, 
  • Vittorio Grasso, Rebecca & Fiona etc.