Mads Langer

Striving towards the most touching moments in music has established Danish Mads Langer as one the most promising singer/songwriters in Europe. Already a genuine star in his home country, he now releases a new album which purifies his natural flair for melody.

As soon as Mads Langer was able to reach the keys of the piano in his childhood home in a rural part of Denmark he started playing. And he found pizza boxes most interesting when they were empty and could be used for drumming. Music has been flowing freely through the 29 year old Dane as long as he can remember, and he easily writes 80 songs before each album.

All over Europe the quality of the songs and the sensibility of his voice have been noticed in recent years which slowly have added to Langer’s increasing popularity: He has been on the airplay chart for months and months in both Germany, Switzerland and Italy, his songs has been part of the halftime playlist at FC Barcelona’s home games, the single ’Riding Elevators’ has been Record of the Week at BBC, and in Denmark the single ‘You’re Not Alone’ was the most played song on public radio in 2010. Add to that that his new record ‘In These Waters’ went straight to number one in his home country.

That title, ‘In These Waters’, points exactly at Mads Langer’s quest to find the best bits in his never-ending stream of melody – it’s the feeling of floating around in music searching for the most tender moments.

– I want to push myself further for each album. Making this one was like jumping into the deep end knowing that you cannot swim. But then I learn how to take the first stroke, and from that point it just gets more and more satisfying. My fuel has always been the ambition to take my music into new places. And I have one fundamental believe: If you shiver, you have found music, Mads Langer says.

Both grounded and ambitious, Langer has on one hand been working with some of the leading pop profiles in the world right now on the new album. This includes the Swedish producer team SeventyEight who is behind the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Loreen’s ’Euphoria’, and Kerli’s US #1 single ’The Lucky Ones’. On the other hand his band consists of childhood friends from his small hometown. That touch of level-headed humanity also finds its ways to Langer’s song writing which centre around issues of love, loss, life and death. You sense all along that Langer has become a beloved songwriter because he entered the game for the best of reasons: He simply needs to play and write.

– If I was not allowed to play music, I would be desperate beyond my imagination. So, I enjoy every morning I get up and realise I live of my music. Holding the humility and the gratefulness in my hands is very important to me. And as long as I do not compromise with who I am, I feel invulnerable.

Mads is commuting back and forth between Copenhagen and Los Angeles when he’s not on the road performing his songs all over the world. Right now he is in the studio recording his next album.