Husky & Pug

Husky & Pug Bio (songwriting & producing duo) 

This package deal comes with massive pop songs and good vibes in the studio. These dogs complement each other well in making innovative lyrics, big pop melodies and edgy productions. Victoria Alkin aka Husky is a songwriter & vocal producer with roots in choir music who loves writing lyrics and arranging vocals to make it sound 110%. Louice Leveau aka Pug is a producer/topliner hybrid with a background in rock and electronic live music who puts her heart into her toplines and her swag into her productions. 

Previous releases include NEIKED, Armin van Buuren, Rebecca & Fiona, Lucas Estrada and LOVA. They’ve been mentored by producer/songwriter Fernando Garibay (Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, SIA etc) and educated at Musikmakarna. 

Upcoming releases with Icona Pop, Namasenda and Mae Müller.