Go Go Berlin

The last few years have for the young, Danish rock ensemble Go Go Berlin been one continuous live-raid throughout the world, taking them to the US, Asia and most of Europe. After the release of their ambitious, second album “Electric Lives” and a subsequent, long and successful tour of Denmark and mainland Europe, the band now take time out of their busy tour-schedule to submerge themselves into songwriting in 2016.

Go Go Berlin have gradually become a household name in Denmark with a well-earned reputation as one of the most hardworking and fiercely intense live acts on the domestic music scene. In the abroad people are also starting to recognize the vast potential of this young, Danish five-piece, where the most recent single “Kids” has been getting lots of affection from radio stations in more than 15 countries such as US, Peru, Switzerland, Poland, Mexico, Germany, UK and Australia..

On “Electric Lives”, the boys have found a contemporary and edgy sound and on this second album grown immensely as both songwriters and musicians, which has not gone unnoticed by press and fans.

The band is currently writing and recording their 3rd album – expected to be released in spring 2018. Go Go Berlin pushes onwards.


The Danish press had this to say about Go Go Berlin:

Rock epiphany on Northside Festival

”Go Go Berlin have played several hundred shows since their beginnings in Silkeborg, Denmark in 2010. They seem well-rehearsed as a band, not only sonically but also on a more cognitive level […] Vium is singing like a man, who both intuitively and consciously knows that rock’n’roll is a war that needs to be won every time on stage.”


Ich bin ein Go Go Berliner

”Go Go Berlin might well have the greatest fans in Denmark. Cheerfull, young people of all ages prone to clapping and dancing. It’s not hard at all to comprehend, when you with your own eyes and ears first experience the energy bomb that is Christian Vium and his companions set fire to an already loaded Magasinet”