Seemingly out of nowhere, Clairmont has arrived with his debut single ‘Can’t Help Myself’. With vocal duties shared by Norwegian shooting stars Mugisho and Julie Bergan, this is quite the start for the student of real estate law – who has plants, unusual sounds and gold on the list of things he loves the most.

“My plants give me a sense of calm in exchange for water and care. And I like to collect sounds. I describe the Clairmont sound as broken retro.” And gold? “Though music and sounds are what inspires me the most, I am drawn to all that glitters and sparkles.” But the music comes first. Always.

– “I think about music, art and creation all the time. I love creating music. It’s a driving force. To go to bed at night knowing that what I created that day didn’t exist when I woke that morning is an exceptional feeling.”

Can’t Help Myself is also exceptional. Explosive. Fresh. Vibrant. Clairmont had the track ready for a while, but it wasn’t until Mugisho and Julie Bergan laid down their vocals that everything gelled. “I’m absolutely thrilled to have two such talented artists featuring on my debut single”.

Clairmont is currently in the studio working on more music, stay tuned!