Carpark North

”Something was missing. There was a hole in the world that needed to be filled. Filled with the universe from electronic music and the power and melodies from rock.” 
- Lau

Carpark North is Nordic electro rock.

The band was the first to introduce the genre to a broad audience in Denmark.

Carpark North was founded on the 28th July 1999 in a rehearsal room in Aarhus, where the band tried out a composition that would later become their first single on the radio, ”There’s A Place”.

In 2009 Carpark North was contacted by Swedish management ”Mr. Radar” who wanted to sign the band through Sony Music worldwide. The band and the ambitious staff at the label ended up with an international plan consisting of heavy touring, re-recording of old songs and the creation of the super album ”Lost”.

Carpark North had been contacted numerous times by the American band ”30 Seconds To Mars”, and finally in 2010 the band took up touring with the group. In 2010 Carpark North and 30STM played almost 20 arenas throughout Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic and Italy. After each tour 30STM kept on inviting them on the next. The guys in 30STM also revealed that they had been listening to Carpark North since 2003 through Napster!

”Playing with 30STM was a huge leap forward for us. We got to play in front of tens of thousands of people night after night, and we came to respect Jared, Shannon and Tomo very much”
- Morten

Jared Leto, the front man in 30STM, joined Carpark North on stage several times through the tours, and Carpark North was also invited on stage during a 30STM show in Basel, Switzerland.

In 2011 30STM officially recommended Carpark North to their fan group through a newsletter and their Twitter account.

Meanwhile Carpark North build took on an ambitious plan to build one of the most luxurious studios in Denmark, in the heart of Copenhagen. The doors to Apparat Studio opened in 2011, and two years of intensive recording began. Having worked with several top producers, Carpark North wanted to focus inwards and produce the next album themselves.

The result was “Phoenix”, mixed by Michael Ilbert (Robyn, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, a.o.) and released in Jauary 2014. In a time dominated by pop, Carpark North was the only Danish rock band to really succeed. Both the album and the single “32” went no. 1. And with nearly 100 shows in Denmark alone, the band became the most touring in Denmark in 2014.