Birk Storm

A drummer since the age of seven, Birk Storm first found his footing on the music scene playing with Danish majors like Band Ane, Troel Abrahamsen and Outlandish. In 2008, he won the national radio talent show, Karrierekanonen. He went on to release two solo albums and one EP with RCA and Playground Music, and wildly successful remixes for artists like Turboweekend as well as of his own hit single ’Give Me Love’ by the Michael Mind Project which boasts nearly a million views on YouTube. His latest release was the song ”Væk For Evigt” featuring danish pop-legend Søs Fenger.

As a producer/songwriter, Birk has worked with a broad range of genres and Artist. Fx ended he on top of the danish hit-charts with his version of ”Indianer”, performed by danish singer Barbara Moleko, in the danish tv-show ”Toppen Af Poppen”. The song went number one on iTunes 30 min after the show.

He also works with artist like danish rapper ”Sukkerlyn”, x-factor finalist Mohamed Ali, and pop-singers like Rasmus Thude, Schiller and Nicklas Sahl.

Birk is known for his big musical talent, his effective and catchy productions and his ability to renew the sound of urban and electronic songs.

Birk Storm is also a member of the band ”X-Tape” along with danish singer Stina. Their latest single ‘Pussy Rain’ was released in September 2017 and is the first single leading up to an EP release in 2018