Aron Bergerwall is a skilled guitarist that is born and bread with trip-hop, stoner rock, soul, samba funk and jazz constantly playing at home as a kid. Aron was musically schooled in Stockholm, Sweden and started a punk band to have contrast and stay versatile since hes studies focused mostly on rnb and soul.

Straight out of graduation he started building his first studio and getting more and more into producing pop. Since he has a OCD and DIY perspective on the versatile way of work, Aron has turned into a producer with a detailed workflow that is seamless between genres. One thing led to another and now he has his own studio complex that he has built called wyme.

He is a skilled writer and producer with a very wide range. Be it the darkest side of Trip Hop, to uplifting broken beats, to a full fledged big pop production.

Further more with his good hands has led to upcoming releases with Mapei, Erik Saade, Cherrie, Rebecca & Fiona, Bo Kaspers and further more