AWA Releases New Single ‘Comfortable’!

AWA releases her second track via Columbia Records today. On ‘Comfortable’, AWA gets all assertive with a flame, asking them “so what’s it gonna be, babe.. When I want something I want it”. Produced by Aalias, AWA’s confident vocals are underpinned by a 90’s R&B flavoured production which seduces with its laid back steel drums and syncopated rhythms.

‘Comfortable’  and ‘F**Kin’ Love Songs’ will both feature on AWA’s debut EP due for release early 2020 on Columbia. More details to come.

Listen Here

Hemliga Klubben Releases Acoustic Video!

Hemliga Klubben is back and out with ‘Gå Rå – Acoustic’ version!
And even better, they have released a video to it too!

The video is made by Marcus Rönne & Nada Films!

Addictionproblem Releases Debut Album!

Seemingly out of nowhere Swedish producer Addictionproblem appears with his debut album following on from two releases that picked up support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Steve Bicknell, Slam and DJ Deep.

‘Nowhere’ sees Addictionproblem continue to delve into the realms of ambient experimentation and musical sensibility while capturing a ‘Nordic Noir’ feeling –‘dark and hazy soundscapes with hints of optimism and hope’, exploring themes that derive from existential thought, addiction and distraction.

Listen here

Hemliga Klubben Releases New Single

Hemliga Klubben is back with their brand new single ”Gå Rå”, the song is co-written with Åke Olofsson from ”Den Svenska Björnstammen”.

In addition to the single being released the music video to is also out! The video is made by Marcus Rönne from Nada Film.

Video here

Listen Here

Nicklas Sahl Releases New Single

Nicklas Sahl is out with a new single called ”Four Walls” which is Co-Written by Birk Storm!

“Inside of these four walls I know I’m good, and I can cope with these changes, you’ve just gotta let me go”

Listen Here

Sto Cultr Releases New Single

Sto Cultr is back with their new single ”Lion Mode”!

” \O/ The power of a room filled with a vibrating orchestra \O/
Did you know that the strings on Lion Mode were recorded live? Well they were and they became the bone structure for the creation of our little beast!”

Listen here

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