Sto Cultr Releases New Single

Sto Cultr is back with their new single ”Lion Mode”!

” \O/ The power of a room filled with a vibrating orchestra \O/
Did you know that the strings on Lion Mode were recorded live? Well they were and they became the bone structure for the creation of our little beast!”

Listen here

New Album Release From Go Go Berlin!

Go Go Berlin are finally back with a new album called ‘The Ocean’!

– ”THE ALBUM IS FINALLY OUT!!! We’re so stoked, happy and proud for this day. Make sure to enjoy the hell out of this album and tell your friends about it ❤️ thanks to all the Go Go Berliners out there ”

Listen here.

AWA Releases New Single Via Columbia Records!

AWA releases her debut single ‘F**kin’ Love Songs’ for Columbia Records today!

Produced by and featuring Ebenezer, ‘F**kin’ Love Songs’ is a low-slung future break-up classic, all scratchy guitars and classic R&B melodies.

it’s about an ex situation that made me wanna channel the sadness and hurt into a song, to use that emotion in some useful way. Also he’ll hopefully hear it on the radio and be reminded of me haha”. – AWA

2019 is just the beginning for this raw talent, whose powerful voice and sharp songwriting will surely make her one to watch this year.

“mature and captivating artist holding centre stage of her dreamy, colourful new video” COMPLEX

Listen here. Watch video here.

Miriam Bryant Releases Mi Amor!

Miriam Bryant is back with the first part of her full-length studio album ‘Mi Amor’!

The first part, which is the first of two parts before fans can have a full album, features three new tracks and the two previously released singles (Du Med Dig and NERÅT/UPPÅT). The part one album is produced and co-written together with Adam Olenius (Shout Out Louds), Jocke Berg and Veronica Maggio to name a few.

Listen to Mi Amor here.

”en låt om gbg, en låt om sthlm och tre låtar om två idioter” – Miriam Bryant

Rebecka & Fiona Releases New Single!

One More Night – the first single from Rebecca & Fiona’s own label Big Romantic Music – is out now! The breezy electro pop anthem describes the feeling of divide between the minds of knowing how to set oneself up.

– Summertime can make your mind delusional – it’s like free falling. When letting yourself go like that, you feel alive and amazing but also on the verge of collapse. That’s what makes falling in love so addictively thrilling and exciting. When you’re suddenly out of that haze and not in love anymore… the only thing you wanna do is to find a way out, without too many hurtful bumps on the road.

STO CULTR Releases Debut Single!

STO CULTR is an international band based in Stockholm. Members, Julimar Santos (from Brazil), Eric Turner (from Boston) and Carl Björsell (from Sweden) met collaborating as songwriters for major artists and decided to join forces and make something really special.

The fusion of Turner’s classical and indie vibe with Santo’s blue urban perspective weaved into stories and poetry accompanied by Björsell’s sublime artistry. Realizing quickly that they had found something very rare, they set to work immediately on their first album as a band, setting aside all of their other projects…

Listen to ‘Rush’ now!

COY’s Debut Single Out Now!

The new Swedish music project COY releases their debut single ‘Crying Over You’ today! The track describes the feeling of getting cheated in love and the pride in not crying over the one who broke the trust in a relationship.

”Hi world! We are C O Y! One year ago the four of us made music together for the first time. The song we did that day is the song that’s now released fo everyone to hear it. We’re so thrilled for our firstborn to enter this universe & we hope u wanna dance while crying to it.” - COY

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