Awa releases new single!

We’re exited to announce that Awa is out with her new single ‘Comfortable’! We’re comfortable with saying that it’s awesome, so go check it out now!!

Awa says… “Comfortable is one of my absolute favorite songs from the forthcoming EP. I’d just moved back to London and entered a new phase in my life. With that I also grew in feeling strong and more empowered to demand exactly what I wanted out of a relationship at the time. Feeling young and vibrant as a woman, knowing what I like and don’t like and being absolutely ok with setting the tone and tempo for whatever I got myself involved in, to keep it a 100% real.
Being OK to just enjoy life, keep it fun and lighthearted at the same time as I stayed confident in not letting anyone waste my time. I hope it can help women feel confident, sexy and strong within themselves as they embark on this journey of being young and exploring whilst setting their own rules! “

Listen Here

Addictionproblem Releases Debut Album!

Seemingly out of nowhere Swedish producer Addictionproblem appears with his debut album following on
from two releases that picked up support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Steve Bicknell, Slam and DJ

‘Nowhere’ sees Addictionproblem continue to delve into the realms of ambient experimentation and
musical sensibility while capturing a ‘Nordic Noir’ feeling –‘dark and hazy soundscapes with hints of
optimism and hope’, exploring themes that derive from existential thought, addiction and distraction. This
will be followed by a few ‘Nowhere album’ remix with the first featuring a brand new King Britt and Scuba

Listen here

Hemliga Klubben Releases New Single

Hemliga Klubben is back with their brand new single ”Gå Rå”, the song is co-written with Åke Olofsson from ”Den Svenska Björnstammen”.

In addition to the single being released the music video to is also out! The video is made by Marcus Rönne from Nada Film.

Video here

Listen Here

Nicklas Sahl Releases New Single

Nicklas Sahl is out with a new single called ”Four Walls” which is Co-Written by Birk Storm!

“Inside of these four walls I know I’m good, and I can cope with these changes, you’ve just gotta let me go”

Listen Here

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