New Single From Carpark North!

Carpark North are back with a new worldwide release of ‘When We Were Kids’,

“When we were kids is a tribute to our childhood and all the dreams we had back then. Standing on the top of the hill in our neighborhood and letting our minds drift away to the highest peaks” says Lau Højen

The song paves the way for the upcoming release of the album Hope, which will be out June 1st 2018.

Listen to the track here:
Watch the video here:

Rebecca & Fiona Is Back With New Single ‘Need You’!

Today Rebecca & Fiona releases new single ‘Need You’ on independent Stockholm label Stereo Stereo. The track is the first release from upcoming album ‘The Art of Being a Girl’.

‘Need You’ is written by the duo themselves and produced in collaboration with Albin ”Nibla” Hallberg. Travelling carelessly between club beats and heartbreak, ‘Need You’ is as much a song about finding yourself as surrendering to someone else.

Stay tuned for more releases during spring and summer 2018.

Miriam Bryant & Victor Rådström Receives Scholarship from SKAP!

Congratulations to Miriam Bryant and Victor Rådström on receiving a scholarship from SKAP’s (The Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors) Sven Paddock Memorial Foundation!

”Tillsammans lyckas detta låtkskrivarpar skapa magiska poppärlor som lyckats göra avtryck inte bara på hitlistorna utan även i svenska folkets hjärtan.”

Carpark North Announces New Album and Tour Dates!

2018 is going to be a busy year for Carpark North. Finally they’re ready to release their latest music internationally with the new album ‘HOPE‘, due May 31.

The international release kicks off with the track ‘Heroes’ on March 23, which also is the official song for Ice Hockey World Championships 2018 and featuring Samu Haber from the Finnish band Sunrise Avenue.

Also, the band is going on tour. Go get your tickets here:

Black Car Official Music Video!

The official video for Miriam Bryant’s ‘Black Car’ is finally here!

“’Black Car’ represents the place we met – the club we always go back to and where we had our first kiss,” says Miriam. “It’s the moment when you look at me like nobody has ever looked at me before, and the moment you know you’re in love. But it’s also the arguments, the passion, the tears. It’s when you’ve given up but you don’t want to leave. It’s the realisation that nothing is forever.” – Miriam

Directed by Oscar Sansom for the Forest of Black.

Watch the video here:

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