STO CULTR Releases their debut singel!

STO CULTR is an international band based in Stockholm. Members, Julimar Santos (from Brazil), Eric Turner (from Boston) and Carl Björsell (from Sweden) met collaborating as songwriters for major artists and decided to join forces and make something really special. The fusion of Turner’s classical and indie vibe with Santo’s blue urban perspective weaved into stories and poetry accompanied by Björsell’s sublime artistry. Realizing quickly that they had found something very rare, they set to work immediately on their first album as a band, setting aside all of their other projects…

COY releases debut single!

Hi world! We are C O Y! One year ago the four of us made music together for the first time. The song we did that day is the song that’s now released fo everyone to hear it. We’re so thrilled for our firstborn to enter this universe & we hope u wanna dance while crying to it.

OLSSON drops his new album Tropical Cologne!

OLSSON is back with his new album ”Tropical Cologne”!

If OLSSONS’s debut album ”Millions” was a liberating dance soundtrack to your 3am party, ”Tropical Cologne” provides the soundtrack to the day after. Tropical Cologne was influenced by a nostalgia for his musical roots and a bit of a tribute to soulful classic crooners such as Marvin Gaye, SADE, Bryan Ferry and the Beach Boys. The album is OLSSON’s slinky romantic R&B album that’s a warm mix of auto-tune crooning, blaring soul samples and simple catchy melodies and ”Pink Rambler” is the perfect introduction.

New Single From Miriam Bryant!

Miriam Bryant is back with a brand-new single ‘NERÅT / UPPÅT’. The second single from her upcoming album part 1 that will be released later this year.

The track is written by Miriam Bryant and Adam Olenius (Shout Out Louds), produced by Elias Kapari.

Listen here.

Awa Signs To Columbia Records UK!

We are super excited to announce that Awa has signed with Columbia Records UK!

”Now it’s official OFFICIAL, finally signed to @columbiauk on paper. It feels amazing. Team is great, music is fkn amazing and life and god is even better! I’m so blessed and thankful for this, I’ve wanted to be at Columbia since the age of 10. Now I’m here and we are leveling up for real, this year is going to be extraordinary and music is coming so fkn soon!” - Awa

Miriam Bryant Releases New Single!

Miriam Bryant is back with her exciting new single ‘Du Med Dig’. Following up on her recent success with ‘Black Car’ and ‘Rocket’.

The single written and composed by Miriam together with Violet Skies and Selen Özan. Produced by Selen Özan.

Listen to the track here.

Addictionproblem Releases Debut Single!

Addictionproblem has always been fascinated by eccentric, dark soundscapes finding a balance that thrives in the borderline between techno, electronica and deep house. ‘Doom Generation’ is the first part in the lead up to his debut long play player later this year.

‘Doom Generation’ kicks things off with meditative pads, weaving bass synths and alleviating ambience. Vatican Shadow aka Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement who has multiple releases on Hospital and Ostgut Ton then delivers growling resonations, thumping kicks and airy leads in his remix of ‘Doom Generation’. ‘Red Light Version’ rounds things off with delicate textures and warm tones underneath the intriguing, emotive trumpet shining through within the murky atmospheres.

Listen here!

Miriam Bryant x Strandvägen 1


Tjugo konserter på en månad. I april intar Miriam Bryant Stockholms-restaurangen Strandvägen 1 och bjuder på konserter tisdag till lördag under hela april. Med ny musik i ryggen och massa spännande gäster vid sin sida kommer det bli en fullmatad månad, med möjligheten att bevittna en av landets största artister i en intim och avslappnad inramning – tjugo gånger om.

”jag har alltid varit dålig på rutiner i vardagen, man flänger runt en hel del detta liv. spela på Strandvägen 1 tisdag-lördag hela april, dvs 20 gig (!!!) på ett och samma ställe, låter väl därför som en dröm! skönt att vara på samma plats. att ha ett kontor eller ett laboratorium att gå till med fria händer att göra vad jag vill, med vem jag vill!! nä va läskigt, det kommer aldrig gå????? fast fan vad kul!!!! något jag aldrig gjort förut… det blir en utmaning, jag hatar utmaningar !!! nej men kom igen det blir kul.!! kom och se mej med supergrymma gäster och mitt älsklingsband hela månaden. SPRIIIIIIIID!!!!! ♥️ KOM Å KÖSS MAJ” – Miriam Bryant

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