IMLAY ft Chenle from NCT

With the release today of the honey sweet EDM jam from Korean DJ IMLAY, featuring Chenle from supergroup NCT, Jacob Criborn from NAUSE branches out a bit. The song was originally written with Benjamin Ingrosso, but has new Korean lyrics. Anime video had 250k views in only a few hours. The song is released by SM Entertainment.


AWA features on Jonas Blue

AWA features on the new Jonas Blue single ”Something Stupid”, released today. The song is co-written with Tom Mann, Cleo Tighe and Liohn amongst others. The banger is included in Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist in all major territories, such as the US, UK, Germany, etc. Nice one!

Listen on Spotify here

Voting starts for MTV UK & IRE PUSH!

As AWA was selected for the MTV Push, voting has started. Go to @MTVUK on Instagram and like the AWA post to support.



AWA has just released the music video for ‘Feelings’ feat. JB Scofield and it’s fire! The video is directed by Will Hooper.

Listen to the track here and watch the video below!


Today AWA returns with new single ‘Feelings (Feat. JB Scofield)’. The single marks Awa’s first solo material since the EP, released in June. The track is produced by JIM OUMA.

”It’s a sexy tune, it makes me happy and I’m more confident than ever. I love how vibes unite and create something even bigger and better! A big shout out to JB Scofield for jumping on this tune, it wouldn’t be the same without him.” – Awa

Duvchi Announce New Album and Release New Single!

The brilliant Duvchi is back with the new single ‘Impatient’!

Along with the new song, Duvchi also announces his second album ‘This Kind of Ocean‘ coming out on December 11th!

Listen to ‘Impatient’ here.
Pre-order / Pre-save ’This Kind of Ocean’ here.

Miriam Bryant Releases New Single!

As a part of Spotify’s Studio It’s Hits program, Miriam Bryant just released her new single DITT FEL featuring Jireel.

Studio It’s Hits is an extension of Sweden’s most popular playlist, It’s Hits Sweden. The program invites some of the region’s top artists and songwriters to showcase their talent and creativity—whether by recording a cover, remaking one of their own songs, or releasing something totally new.

Listen to the track here.

Miriam Bryant selected as this year’s Ulla Billquist scholar!

Congratulations Miriam Bryant who today received this year’s Ulla Billquist scholarship! The award is handed out in commemoration of Ulla Billquist’s legacy and to support Swedish artists.

”När hon sjunger så lyssnar man. Det finns en styrka, en tydlighet, som ibland nästan övergår i vrede för att strax förvandlas till något skört och sårbart. Det ärliga och personliga anslaget bidrar till det starka uttrycket och gör att vi som publik upplever något bortom det traditionella och vardagliga. I olika sammanhang har hon visat ett stort socialt engagemang och tydligt tagit avstånd från missförhållanden vilket stärker bilden av en unik person som skapat sig en plats i den svenska musikhistorien. Detta och mycket mer gör Miriam Bryant till en självklar mottagare av 2020-års Ulla Billquist-stipendium.”

Read more here.

Duvchi Releases New Single!

‘Altitude’ – Duvchi’s first solo release in a while is a beautiful, melancholy infused pop song about homesickness and loneliness. A single that embodies the sensitive, undeniably affecting and catchy sound that has become Duvchi’s trademark.

With his debut album ‘With The World’ (2015), critically acclaimed producer, songwriter and artist, Duvchi, got nominated for 3 Swedish Grammy Awards (‘Best Pop’, ‘Producer of the Year’ and ‘Composer of the Year’) and a P3 Gold award for ‘Best Pop’.

Listen to ‘Altitude’ here!

Artwork by Simon Stalenhag

AWA x Julie Bergan x Molly Hammar

AWA, Molly Hammar and Julie Bergan teams up on the new single ‘Get To Know Me First’. The collaboration champions sisterhood and encourages ladies across the globe to embrace themselves and empower each other by having one another’s back.

“Get To Know Me First” makes me happy! It makes me feel sexy, free and powerful, especially since I’re releasing the song with my female friends. And yes, I must point out that we are women because we are always compared to each other in our industry. I am a big proponent of self-love which is the most important love of them all. I hope we can inspire others to love all parts of themselves and not let themselves be diminished by other people.” – AWA

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