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About Mr Radar

Mr Radar Music Group is a modern, independent music company founded 2008 by Daniel Larsson, Torbjörn Sten and film producers EFTI.

With extensive experience in the music industry Mr Radar provides Publishing, A&R, Producer- and Artist Management services as well as music supervising for film and advertising. Mr Radar operates out of Stockholm and London with an international perspective and a passion for music in everything we do.

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Daniel Larsson – MD Mr Radar Music Group, Publishing / Producer management

Daniel was previously creative at Murlyn Music alongside Christian Wåhlberg, working with producers and songwriters Bloodshy & Avant, Anders Bagge, Jonas Jeberg, Fredro, etc. During his time at Murlyn, aritsts such as J-Lo, Britney Spears, Madonna, Kelis and Celine Dion worked with the company.

Torbjörn Sten, Chairman

Torbjörn was co-founder of Diesel Music with successful artists such as Eagle-Eye Cherry, Koop, Lisa Nilsson, Stephen Simmonds, Titiyo and E.S.T. Torbjörn was also co-founder and is a current co-owner of Kobalt Music, the 5th largestmusic publisher in the US and the UK.

Per Lindholm, President of A&R

Per, who has over 24 years of A&R experience from working at BMG and later as Head of A&R at SonyBMG, joined Mr Radar as partner in 2009. Over the years he has had great success with key signings such as Kent, Marit Bergman, Melissa Horn, Christian Walz, Sahara Hotnights and Backyard Babies.

Henrik Augustin, MD Mr Radar Management

Henrik joined Mr Radar in 2010 to launch the management company. He was previously co-founder of club promoter Bomben and also worked with marketing at Scandinavian record company Playground/Edel. Before joining Mr Radar he was Country Manager for Omniphone Ltd and instrumental in the company’s launch in several new territories. He has also continued as an influential club promoter in Sweden over the last 10 years.

    • Miriam El-Sarraj, Management

    • Miriam joined the management department in the beginning of 2014, coming directly from working with marketing, PR and radio at the Live Nation subsidiary Luger with festivals like Way Out West and Stockholm Music and Arts. Beside this Miriam has been arranging clubs and DJ-ing all over Stockholm. The last three and a half years she has been managing Mr Radars artists such as Miriam Bryant, Nause and Awa.

Siri Westerberg, Mr Radar Music Group

Siri joined Mr Radar in 2017 as a part of Mr Radar Music Group working with Management, Publishing and Mr Radar Records. Siri was previously project manager at WIFE Music Management working with artist, songwriters and producers such as Elias, Erik Rapp, Janice, HYENA and Mr Radar’s Henrik Jonzon to name a few.

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